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What are we?

Hospitals stand as a vital cornerstone of global communities, offering indispensable services to people worldwide. Beyond abundant resources, the key lies in possessing a system that not only meets but surpasses the expectations of medical professionals, administrators, and all stakeholders. It should effortlessly provide the best care for patients, streamlining workflows with comprehensive and easily accessible medical records.

Sismedika dedicated to advancing hospital services for over 15 years and committed to continual improvement. We excel in developing services and capabilities for seamless integration, aligning with government health platforms to offer solutions that meet the highest standards for hospital information management systems. Join us in the journey towards a future of healthcare excellence, where innovation meets efficiency



President Director

Albert Budi Christian

Product and Software Development Manager

FX Padmanto Kristiana

Head of Development Laboratory & Mobile Apps

Muhammad Febrian Ardiansyah

System Analyst & Data Architect

Heri Ju Abdin Sada

Head of Development Hospital & Back Office


Head of Support

Are you having these problem?

We understand that as a healthcare service provider, you may face a range of challenges affecting performance and operational efficiency, including various issues such as:

Why US?


Compatible with Satu Sehat and FHIR

Our system easily works with SatuSehat & FHIR, fitting well with health platforms that follow national standards. Enjoy the simplicity of our user-friendly solution, meeting high standards and improving interoperability for better patient care.

Cloud-Based Health Information System

Offering a Cloud-based Health Information Management System (HIS) with EMR support, ensuring easy accessibility and smooth operational flow

Exceptional Services and Guaranteed Data Security

Delivering responsive post-sales services through various communication channels, while ensuring data security with ISO 27001 compliance standards

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Certainly, we are very open to establishing mutually beneficial collaborations with vendors. Let’s work together to create positive synergy and add value to both parties.

  • Absolutely, many companies have utilized the KSO system, and this serves as a driving force for our mutual assistance. Collaboration is the key to shared success, and we are ready to contribute to strengthening this synergy.

  • Certainly, however, through ongoing collaboration, we not only create benefits but also build a strong and sustainable relationship foundation. Together, we can achieve long-term success that is mutually beneficial.

  • Products are available for individual purchase for your convenience and comfort. Please select the quantity that suits your needs.

  • Prices can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the Hospital, and we strongly support operational efficiency. We are open to discussion and finding the best solution that meets the specific needs of your hospital.

  • Our products can be tailored to the specific requests and needs of the Hospital. We are committed to providing the right solutions and meeting high healthcare standards. Please submit your request to get the solution that suits you.